Even very minor plumbing issues can turn into highly expensive situations if they aren’t attended to promptly and professionally. Plumbing in Portland is subject to the same plumbing mistakes that you might find anywhere else in the country. If you live in an older house, it’s likely that the plumbing has been worked on by everyone from professional plumbers to local handymen with no formal training in plumbing. You should always be on the lookout for plumbing issues. It’s better to attend to a leaky faucet early than it is to incur the higher costs that can come as a result of massive water damage.

Plumbing in Portland

Any city is going to have its own quirky plumbing history. If you plan on doing any Plumbing in Portland, make sure you familiarize yourself with the local codes before you begin. The codes are there for a reason and starting off your job educated and prepared will save you headaches in the long run. Plumbing mistakes can sometimes manifest months or even years after the mistake was made. It’s a good idea to periodically check underneath your faucets for leaks to get out ahead of common problems.

Common plumbing mistakes include:

  • Failing to turn off the water
  • Over-tightening connections
  • Wrapping plumber’s tape backward
  • Doing work without the right tools


1. Failing to Turn Off the Water

Some older houses, or houses that have been retrofitted with modern plumbing don’t have adequate shut-off valves at every faucet or other connection. For small jobs, individuals sometimes think they can perform the task without shutting off the water.

Typical city water pressure is around 40 psi, so if you inadvertently make a leak in the pressurized line, you will quickly have a disastrous amount of water. If you don’t know where the mainline shut off is, your minor plumbing project can quickly turn into a costly disaster. Don’t take the risk, always shut off your water.

2. Over-tightening Connections

Non-professionals who are doing plumbing work often incorrectly believe that they will have fewer leaks if they apply a tremendous force to their connections. The problem is that when connections are tightened, it can lead to cracks in the material.

At first appearance, these connections might seem fine, but over time the cracks will worsen and become leaks. Cracking can occur with both metal and plastic connections. You must also be mindful not to over-tighten bolts on a toilet, or you risk cracking the porcelain.

3. Wrapping Plumber’s Tape Backwards

Wrapping plumber’s tape on the threads of a fitting works wonders for creating a watertight seal. Always remember to wrap clockwise so that the plumber’s tape doesn’t unwind when you screw on the fitting.

4. Doing Work Without the Right Tools

It’s always tempting to try to save a few dollars by doing a project yourself rather than hiring a professional plumber. However, professional plumbers are always more efficient because they’ve invested in the proper tools for their profession.

Plumbing is usually done in awkward spacing, and if you attempt to loosen up fittings with tools that don’t properly fit, you risk stripping bolts or causing damage to other pipes. Always use the correct tool to prevent introducing more issues to a problem area.

Every Mistake Can Be Fixed

Every mistake can be fixed; it’s just that some are more expensive than others. By following the common sense suggestions listed above, you should be able to monitor your household plumbing and fix issues before they become major expenses.

The most important step is to familiarize yourself with the mainline shutoff valve for your house, that way if a problem occurs you can stop the flow of water and call a plumber before massive water damage occurs. Also, knowing where the mainline valve allows you to do your own plumbing work with a reduced risk of creating bigger problems.

There are many simple plumbing fixes that any homeowner should feel confident to tackle. Through the use of common sense tips, you can fix minor leaks before they become plumbing disasters, and ensure you’ll have effective plumbing for many years to come. When in doubt about a job, it is always best practice to seek the advice of a professional plumber.
The job will be done right with little risk of creating an expensive water damage mistake and will save you money in the long run.

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